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Are you looking for a tax refund or to minimise your tax on a legal basis? Perhaps you are seeking help with your annual tax returns?


We are experts and our advisors lead our field when it comes to tax and the complexities concerned with self-assessments and tax refunds.

Whether it’s through PAYE or you are running a business or have a start-up company or if you need advice relating to National Insurance, our financial experts can assist. If you have overpaid tax or NI in the past then you may be aware, as we are, that you may be entitled to a tax refund or might be owed National Insurance.

This can be important whether you were due to pay tax and have overpaid, or you have paid tax or National Insurance that was not due.

Are you due a tax refund or not?


It doesn’t matter whether you are a self-employed worker, an employer, working in construction, as a taxi driver or any other manual worker, we can help you work out the CIS requirements to ensure you have paid the correct amount or have overpaid your tax.

Tax refunds can be a minefield and be difficult to manage if you are not sure on the process and how to move forward and make a claim for overpaid tax. If you are looking for a tax refund, perhaps as a PAYE employee, but are unsure on how to contact HMRC regarding any overpayments or if you are not sure about whether you may be eligible to claim tax you are owed, then our experts are here for you.

We work to the code in a legal and professional manner and will take you through your records in an accurate manner. Tax refunds, tax owed and self-assessments – it’s all available to every one of our clients at a very affordable rate. Because we are competitively priced and placed well within our marketplace our team have a clear pricing structure and a promise that we will work for you to reclaim any tax you may be owed.

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