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Transferring Business Ownership

Posted 27 Apr 16

There are many advantages of running a limited company, including protection through limited liability, tax and national insurance efficiency and improved reputation. Read More »

Are Employee Gifts Tax Deductible?

Posted 17 Apr 16

There are a number of occasions to celebrate at your workplace with a small gift, be it Christmas’ Secret Santa, an employee’s birthday or end of the year party. There are general rules which govern the treatment of employee entertaining and we are here to examine them. Read More »

Reasons to Switch Your Accountant

Posted 10 Apr 16

In our previous articles we emphasise the importance of a good relationship a business owners should have with their accountant, we discussed the factors influencing it and ways in which you can fix certain miscommunication problems, as soon as they occur. Read More »

Mistakes You Make When Working with Your Accountant

Posted 03 Apr 16

One of the most important relationships in life of every business owner is one he/she has with their accountant. In the best case scenario, this relationship will allow you to structure your finances better, focus solely on the development of your business without worrying about missed deadlines and unfilled documents and create a powerful future for your company. Read More »

The Tax Changes You Need to Know About 2016/17

Posted 27 Mar 16

After discussing Budget 2016 changes in our previous articles, here we would like to take a closer look at the new laws and legislations regarding tax which freelancers, contractors and small business owners will be subjected to in the beginning of the 2016/17. Read More »

A Guide to National Living Wage

Posted 20 Mar 16

If you are a business owner hiring staff, from 1st of April you will be subjected to the new National Minimum Wage regulations. Read More »

A Guide to Auto-Enrolment

Posted 06 Mar 16

If you are a business owner who hires staff, you will need to familiarise yourself with the UK law which regulates the way your staff needs to be treated. One of the schemes you will need to apply to your workplace is auto-enrolment. This article is a guide to everything you need to know about it as a company owner. Read More »

The Increasing Importance of Bookkeeping

Posted 29 Feb 16

Although at first our clients dread to discuss the topic of bookkeeping with us, they very quickly become fascinated by how life-changing this simple task can be to the development of their business. Read More »