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When the Bank says ‘No’ - funding your small business

Posted 10 Jul 16

Starting your own company might require financial investment not all of the young business owners can afford. Most of them approach bank as their first solution to funding their companies, however, often they are met with rejection. Read More »

Tax-Saving Tips for Small Business

Posted 26 Jun 16

As a company director, you will be responsible for filing your accounts and paying taxes to HMRC. Although it might seem like a routine, mundane task, it has a massive impact on the overall finances of your business. Read More »

How to cope with changes in your small business?

Posted 19 Jun 16

No matter what stage your company is at, running a business will eventually mean dealing with changes. They could come as a result of new regulations and laws introduced by HMRC and the government, a new competitor on the market, or simply the shuffle within the inner structure of your company. Read More »

Calendar, Tax, Financial and Company years - what is the difference?

Posted 13 Jun 16

Running a successful business involves staying on top of your bureaucratic and administrative responsibilities. However, keeping track of all the paperwork and deadlines related to submitting it to HMRC and Companies House can be an exhaustive and confusing tax. Read More »

Managing Your Small Business Accounts

Posted 12 Jun 16

From creating and marketising your products, through dealing with potential and current clients and contracts, to administration work and bookkeeping tasks; as a small business owner you will be covering all areas of running your limited company. Read More »

The Difference Between Income and Profit

Posted 05 Jun 16

Although the terms ‘profit’ and ‘income’ can be interchangeable when discussing net and gross figures, there is a difference between them when we refer to net income and net profit after tax. Read More »

What is Bookkeeping?

Posted 28 May 16

One of the aims we set ourselves at Tawanda Accountants is to make the process of accounting and bookkeeping as simple as possible. We want to make sure our clients never have to worry about keeping track of their accounts and dedicate all the time and energy in growing and developing their business. Read More »

How to Survive a Business Disaster?

Posted 17 May 16

It can happen to the best of us, or should we say, especially to the best of us. Running a successful business will require to take a risk every once in a while. You might hope to invest in a product which has never been available within the market you target, or branch out to explore the new business environment. Read More »