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Auto-Enrolment : Common Questions

Posted 24 Aug 16

Every year many small business owners are filing their auto-enrolment for the very first time. Although it is a task we all do, still many questions arise just as the deadline fast approaching. As a company director you need to ensure that all your paperwork is organised and delivered to the right address at the right time. Read More »

How are limited company dividends taxed?

Posted 17 Aug 16

Upon incorporation with Companies House, limited companies become individual legal entities. This means that all business finances and assets belong to the company and not its owners. As a company owner you cannot simply remove money from the business in the same way as a sole trader can. Read More »

Guide to Bookkeeping for new business owners Part 1

Posted 14 Aug 16

If you are a young business owner, it is likely that the topic of bookkeeping and your responsibilities and requirements have been on your mind almost constantly. As your business start taking shape, you will need to learn which accounting records are important and how to keep them organised and up-to-date. Read More »

Maintaining Healthy Cashflow: How to Look after your company’s money?

Posted 07 Aug 16

Maintaining healthy cashflow is one of the greatest challenges every small business owner faces at some point. Running your business requires discipline and high organisation skills and often means dedicating your time to do administrative work rather than plan an exciting investment. Read More »