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The Increasing Importance of Bookkeeping

Posted 29 Feb 16

Although at first our clients dread to discuss the topic of bookkeeping with us, they very quickly become fascinated by how life-changing this simple task can be to the development of their business. Read More »

Dividend Tax Changes 2016

Posted 21 Feb 16

One of the major changes announced in the second 2015 Budget was a complete restoration of the dividend taxation system from April 2016. Read More »

Can I claim expenses from before I formed my limited company?

Posted 19 Feb 16

The process of forming a limited company begins long before the date of incorporation. You will need to write a business strategy which will put your ideas into practice, make the product you want to sell, and create a marketing campaign to target your future clients. Read More »

Tax Refund Email Scams and How to Spot Them

Posted 14 Feb 16

Every year, especially during the self-assessment and tax period, the inboxes of small company owners and sole traders alike become targets of tax refund emails appearing to come from HMRC. A lot of people know that these emails are actually scammers attempting to steal their bank or card details, however, if you are not cautious or unsure how to recognise the elements which make these emails fake, you can easily become a victim of one of them. How does the phishing scam work? Read More »

Employer’s Guide to Managing Sick Leave

Posted 13 Feb 16

If you are an owner of a company which hires staff, it is likely that especially in winter months, a couple of your employees might call in sick. No matter how big your company is, unexpected absences might affect your business’ productivity and profits in a negative way, and if they become a regular occurrence, it will lower the morale and motivation of your whole team. Read More »

New Contractors: How to File Your First Self-Assessment

Posted 07 Feb 16

Today, a lot of people decide to start a part-time business alongside their everyday job. It might be their first step in becoming a full time limited company director, or just a way to earn extra money while safely remaining in their salary-based employment. Read More »

Do banks inform HMRC about business and personal financial activity?

Posted 05 Feb 16

If you want to run a successful business, you will make sure all your financial matters are taken care of. One of the ways which makes it simple to keep a track of your business earnings and expenses is opening a business bank account. Read More »