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What is Companies House and What is its Function?

Posted 31 Jan 16

Companies House is a government body within the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation. Read More »

Scottish Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability

Posted 27 Jan 16

Partnerships, also known as firms in Scotland, are one of the earliest business models. There are certain advantages which come with forming a Scottish Limited Partnership that other partnerships do not offer. Read More »

When are my Annual Accounts Due?

Posted 25 Jan 16

As a small business director, you will be responsible for filing documents required by HMRC and Companies House by the deadline set. Read More »

What to do When You Can’t File Your Annual Accounts on Time?

Posted 20 Jan 16

One of the most common questions our clients ask us relates to determining the date which their annual accounts and Annual Returns need to be delivered by. Read More »

Pre-emption Rights Explained

Posted 12 Jan 16

When forming a limited company, you will need to nominate its shareholders and directors, as well as, make a decision regarding the shares. Read More »

Ways in Which You Can Project Your Company Profits

Posted 05 Jan 16

One of the greatest skills every business director should learn to develop is being able to successfully manage their company’s finances. Read More »