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Tips for Selling Your Business

Posted 24 Dec 15

There are many reasons why at some point you might decide to sell your business. Maybe you have started it with the ultimate goal of selling it for the maximum price possible before forming another company; or maybe the ideas you had simply didn’t work out the way you planned. Read More »

How to Be a Good Negotiator When Selling Your Business

Posted 22 Dec 15

We have discussed the basic factors which constitute a successful sale when putting your company on the market. Before you make a decision of selling your business, it is important that you consider all the elements which can help you understand the process better. Read More »

Are Earnings the Same as Profit?

Posted 15 Dec 15

One of the most important questions every business owner should ask themselves at the end of the year is how much has my company made? Read More »

What is an Asset?

Posted 10 Dec 15

As a company director you will be required to file for self assessment and a tax return each year. In order for the process to be done in an accurate and correct way, you will need to keep a track of all the expenses and earnings you make for business purposes. Read More »

What Does an ‘Active’ Limited Company Mean?

Posted 08 Dec 15

In the context of private limited companies, the term ‘active’ refers to a registered company which carries on trading activities or generates an income. Read More »

How to Make Your Small Business More Productive

Posted 03 Dec 15

Running a small business is both an exciting and a challenging experience. Read More »

How to Write the Financial Section of your Business Plan

Posted 01 Dec 15

Creating a strong business plan is a crucial step on a journey to success. Read More »