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Reasons To Not Leave Your Self Assessment Until January

Posted 29 Oct 15

With Christmas and the New Year approaching fast, many small business owners take their well-deserved break. You might want to slow down on your business plan, book a holiday destination for you and your loved ones and turn off your mobile phone. Read More »

Things to Consider When Taking Out a Business Loan

Posted 27 Oct 15

Whether you run a successful business that you’re thinking of expanding or you have a great idea and want to form a new company, taking out a business loan offers a great and simple opportunity for growth and development. Read More »

Am I Overpaying Tax?

Posted 22 Oct 15

Running a limited company comes with various advantages. Not only will you be able to pick flexible hours at work which fit in with your everyday life, but also you will be able to gain benefits as a taxpayer. Read More »

What’s the Difference Between Annual Accounts and Annual Returns?

Posted 20 Oct 15

Although they might sound like they are referring to the same thing, annual accounts and annual returns are two separate documents and filing requirements. Read More »

What If I Do Business Outside My Home Office?

Posted 15 Oct 15

One of the clearest definitions of a tax deductible home office is a place in your home which is regularly and exclusively dedicated to business use. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the one and only place you do business from. Read More »

Tax Tips for Owners of Home-Based Businesses

Posted 13 Oct 15

One of the advantages of running your own company is the flexibility of your working environment. You can choose to operate your business from home while using one of our virtual offices as your company address. Read More »

What Tax Does a Limited Company Have to Pay?

Posted 08 Oct 15

Forming a limited company is an exciting process but keeping track of all the required paperwork to be submitted and meeting deadlines can be a challenge sometimes. Read More »

When to Say “No” to a Client

Posted 06 Oct 15

You might have been running your business following the rule than ‘any client is a good client’. Saying ‘yes’ to everyone, especially where the money is good, can be tempting. Read More »