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How Do I Get a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) for my Company?

Posted 29 Sep 15

When you start and register your company with Companies House, you do not have to worry about notifying HMRC about it - Companies House will do it for you. Read More »

What Books and Records are Adequate?

Posted 17 Sep 15

No matter if your company is active or dormant, as its owner you will need to file a tax return each year and provide HMRC with, what its website calls, ‘adequate business and accounting records’. Read More »

What is a Dormant Company?

Posted 15 Sep 15

A dormant limited company is a company that has been registered with Companies House, but does not have any ‘significant accounting transactions’ during the accounting period. Read More »

Mistakes Small Business Owners Make on Business Expenses

Posted 10 Sep 15

Staying on top of your business expenses can be difficult and tricky at times. Read More »

How to Make Next Year’s Taxes Easier

Posted 08 Sep 15

The best way to avoid unnecessary stress during the self-assessment period is to prepare your company in advance for it. Read More »

The Advantages of Filing Your Self-Assessment Early

Posted 03 Sep 15

Although it isn’t difficult to do, self-assessment is one of the most dreaded tasks every company owner has to complete. Read More »

Accounting Mistakes That Can Put Your Business at Risk

Posted 01 Sep 15

Accounting mistakes are easy to make, but they can have an enormous impact on your business, no matter how small or big it is. Read More »