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What is Branding?

Posted 08 May 16

The term ‘branding’ has grown popular in the recent year in marketing circles. Previously reserved by big corporations, today ‘branding’ is used in reference to both large and small businesses.

Moreover, running a successful brand these days doesn’t require you to invest a high percentage of your income in your company’s image. Good branding lies in more than simply a logo or a catchy name. It can represent your business’ identity and the mission your company stands for. Your brand is what you want your client to feel when seeing your business, products and services. The brand is a promise you make to your target market.

Although for many people, the first thing that comes to their heads when they hear the word ‘branding’ is marketing materials, such as websites, business cards, and brochures.

Branding is much more than that and include:

Your company’s visual and verbal approach to clients
Company values
A mission statement
Customer service

We’d like to focus on the mission statement for a moment, because we believe having a strong purpose is what keeps the most successful businesses on the top of their game. It is crucial to understand when running your own business that there will always be competition in the market you wish to target. There will be companies who do things better than your one does or offer higher quality services. With so many businesses competing for clients these days, both offline and online, how can you make your company stand out?

The key to success lies in passion. If you are genuinely enthusiastic working with the products and services you offer your clients and if you have confidence in the quality you offer them, the only thing you need to focus on is making sure your enthusiasm and confidence are visible through the way your business works. This is where branding comes in.

Logos and visuals

Logos, company colours and other visual elements clients will encounter on your company’s website, business cards, or brochures are an important part of your business identity. People generally respond to simple and clear visuals. Make sure your logo represents what your company stands for and is easy to reproduce on your marketing materials. The more familiar you will make your clients feel towards your company, the more successful you will be selling them your products.


One of the most crucial elements of successful branding is consistency. If you choose to run a ‘green’ business, for example, make sure the process of making your products doesn’t influence the environment in a negative way. Always carry a message which is consistent with your business actions. Clients trust the companies which have strong values.

Customer Service

Your employees are the integral part of your company’s brand. If your staff serves the clients in a friendly and professional way, they will be more likely to come back even if the competition offers higher quality products. While growing big, a lot of companies loose their human factor. Sometimes a simple smile counts more than all the money one could save.