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How to Make Your Small Business More Productive

Posted 03 Dec 15

Running a small business is both an exciting and a challenging experience.

As your company’s owner, you will carry a number of responsibilities, such as business planning; handling clients’ requests; creating contracts with potential investors; clients and employees; filing for self-assessment and your annual tax returns; marketing your products and services etc.

At times, you will find fulfilling these tasks overwhelming, which might result in the overall decrease in your business’ productivity. However, there is a number of strategies you can use to make your small business more productive.

1. Hiring a professional accountant

Upon your company’s incorporation, you become responsible for keeping your company records and registers organised and prepared for investigation whenever HMRC requires access to them.

You will also be required to file your annual accounts and annual returns by the HMRC set deadline. Keeping track of the dates and making sure you keep all of your documents safely and securely can be difficult, especially with so many other tasks you will be fulfilling at the same time.

Learning and understanding the legal side of bookkeeping and accounting for limited companies can be daunting for both young and experienced business owners.

The easiest and safest way to avoid any confusions or missing an important document or deadline when dealing with annual accounts and annual returns is by hiring a professional accountant.

At Tawanda Accountants we pride ourselves for providing our clients with superior accounting service. We take care of our clients’ paperwork, so you can fully focus on developing your business. If you would like to know how we can help you make your small business more productive, contact us and we will guide you through all the benefits and advantages that come with being a company owner.

2. Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

Keeping your employees happy is the key to running a successful business. Research shows that when picking their favourite companies, clients choose places where staff are enthusiastic and passionate about their jobs.

Furthermore, the ways in which you can keep your employees happy include those which benefit the overall level of expertise of your business. If they attend a trade-related workshop on a regular basis, your employees will feel more enthusiastic about their jobs and the knowledge they’ve gained will increase the corporate image of your company.

3. Use Technology

There are a lot of mundane and automatic tasks you do on a everyday basis which you can use technology for. There are various applications available online, which can increase the productivity of your small business and help you organise your workplace better.

Some of them allow you to keep your contact information in a safe and compact way while others will allow you to keep a track on the time you spend handling various tasks and create the best strategy to manage it. Exploring the options available online can save you a lot of time.