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How to Handle Multiple Clients

Posted 28 Jul 15

One of the greatest dreams of every limited company owner is providing products and services to a large group of clients.

However, juggling multiple projects at the same time can be overwhelming and if you if your company is badly managed or understaffed, it may result in failure to deliver the final product on time or in a form agreed.

Working for multiple clients requires a set of skills which can take time to obtain. You need to remain creative under pressure while being able to identify problems as they occur, keep up with the deadlines, chase payments and manage your and your employees time.

Unfortunately while handling so many responsibilities, it is impossible to avoid stress and learning how to deal with it should be your major focus. On the bright side, there are few things you can do to make handling multiple clients at once much easier so let's discuss some of them.

1. Manage your Diary

If you want to successfully handle multiple projects, you need to find yourself a new personal assistant - a diary. It allows you to track your progress while learning how to manage your time. It allows you to determine how much time exactly you require to complete each task you schedule.

Write down everything in your diary, carry it everywhere with you, consult it before you make any important decision and always leave yourself extra time between tasks in case anything unpredicted occurs. Make managing your diary a habit and you can be sure your time is in safe hands.

2. Communicate with your clients

Make sure that both you and your clients are on the same page when you are making decisions regarding the service or products you offer. Communicate clearly when discussing your availability with them, each step of a project and any deadlines.

To make sure you understand each other, always put the contract in writing form. When working with multiple clients you will be able to find the information required easily and know exactly what your strategy is.

3. Be Realistic

Always give yourself a little more time than you think the task requires. It is better if you deliver your product or service earlier than when you are late.

It is not realistic to prioritise each task you need to do. Work through each stage of the project, make a plan for it and stay focused on it the whole time. If when discussing the project with your clients, you are unsure how long it will take you, tell them you will get back to them later.

Don’t make any decisions on the spot if you do not feel comfortable about it. People value trustworthiness much more than speed. If you need an extension, make sure to contact your client as soon as possible. Apologise for the delay and offer the new project plan.

Make sure you allow more time in your diary so you can celebrate after meeting all the deadlines and making another one of your clients happy.