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How to Brand Your Small Business

Posted 09 Jun 15

In our previous article we focused on the general concept of branding and how it can benefit the development of your company, no matter how big or small.

We discussed how introducing branding can improve your company both externally and internally by allowing you to reach out to both your clients, as well as, your team in a more direct and personalised way.

Hopefully, we also managed to abolish the popular misconception that branding can only be effective when relying on large financial investments. We believe that it is a unique, creative and personal way of reaching out to your clients and team that works best.

In this article we will take a closer look at the ways in which you can brand your small business and how you can do it on a reasonable budget. If you would like to discuss the best ways to establish a successful company, do not hesitate to contact our business consultants at Tawanda who will be happy to guide your through the options that are most beneficial for you.

At Tawanda Accountants, each of our clients is treated in a personal way, because we believe that every company is different. If you are unsure what your company’s aims and aspirations are, do not worry. Our experts will be happy to guide you through each stage of your company’s development, form a perfect business plan with you and make sure you get the most out of the experience of running a successful business.

1. Define your brand

It is crucial that you know everything about the products and services your company offers. Research the market to find the best ways to reach your potential customers and think of marketing ideas that are most appealing to them.

Think of the purpose of your business on the market you are exploring. These aspects will enable you to create a consequent and persuasive image that represents your company in the clear and meaningful way.

2. Be Consistent

When picking the visual aspects of your company’s public image, such as logo, website design and marketing products you give away to your clients, you need to be consistent and consequent. The logo is as important to your company as the product itself and you should always create it with the intention of making the best representation of what your company stands for.

Today, a lot of companies pick to be represented in simple and easily remembered symbols. Nike is a perfect example of a company, whose logo can be drawn by virtually everyone. Make sure that the colours your company uses appear in your company’s office and on your company’s website.

It might be tempting to keep bettering your company’s image, but changing it too often might be very confusing to your clients.

3. Have a Slogan

Company’s slogans are like jokes. They spread organically around their audience. Once repeated, they will be caught and repeated by others. It is one of the most successful and free ways of marketising your services and products.

With the right catchphrase, you are guaranteed to draw the attention to your company and get free word-of-mouth advertising.