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Graduates prefer contracting over permanent jobs

Posted 09 Jun 14

Perhaps due to the buoyant employment market over recent years, the number of graduates choosing to set up as self-employed contractors or developing Limited companies has, in 12 months, increased by 97%.

Many graduate entrepreneurs in Britain are entering the 2014 Enterprise Awards that was launched on May 13 by Lloyds Bank.

Anyone studying in university or who has graduated within the past 5 years can enter into the awards. Winners have the opportunity for genuine investments and support from mentors and experts, taking them further in their chosen field and raising their profiles whilst attracting new customers.

Those graduates with a great level of ambition are confdient about their ideas and taking those forward. With such a mobile and online revolution going on across the world, it is becoming much easier to launch a business that is alive and kicking and in tune with modern times.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, the founder and CEO of leading freelancing website, PeoplePerHour commented on the growth findings concerned with graduates setting up on their own,

“We’re seeing a growing band of ambitious graduates who aren’t daunted by the prospect of venturing out on their own, and for those who do take the leap, it’s never been easier or cheaper to start a business.”

He added that you can even start a business ‘from your kitchen table’ and that setup fees can be next to nothing in many cases. He also said that the entrepreneurial world is alive and kicking.

If you are interested in registering a company, want advice on tax implications and need support with your accounting strategy – or even if you need help starting a brand new business – we are here to help.

Finding work as a contractor can be as simple as updating your contractor CV; finding recruitment and freelancing websites to discover specialist recruiters; networking and looking through the contacts that you have made over the years.

If you are considering the change from working as an employee or are more interested in setting up in business before you become a graduate, we can help you with moving from permanent employment, graduating, and setting up your own business.

Our expert team are delighted to offer advice with clear information on advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself. You can appoint us as your personal accountants and you will be offered as much support as you need through our range of packages.