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More confidence in the workplace

Posted 14 May 14

A survey recently announced that, in almost 7 years of deflated hopes of finding a workplace for job seekers and those wishing to forward their career, there is much more optimism across the UK.

The survey carried out by YouGov, the Government-based survey website, indicated that the highest level of confidence since 2007 was recorded.

Stephen Hamilton of YouGov and Head of Syndicated Research was quoted saying that the improvement in the labour market suggests that economic optimism begins to reach workers. He also said “it is clear that this recovery has legs.”

“The economy is now safely approaching escape velocity and over the course of the summer consumer confidence will surge past its pre-recession peak, which is good news for the Government ahead of next year’s general election.”

There were major findings following the survey showing that fewer employees have been made redundant, or laid off, and that there was an increase and growth value in the number of workers receiving bonuses, pay rises and promotions.

This is great news where recovery has been proven during the survey and that the house market that was previously dipping is on the up too. The house market of course is led almost by buyers and sellers and with the increased confidence in the workplace this growth may be bolstered by such.

With long term employees looking to move careers forward and job seekers looking confident at their own workplace prospects this news is helping individuals to strive in work and support bills, debts and will help the UK in thinking about a positive financial future.

Charles Davis, Director at Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) added to the comments, “As business investment increases companies are also starting to invest in staff. This is adding oxygen to the economic water and as a consequence the labour market is improving with more people experiencing pay rises, promotions, and bonuses as well as workers seeing an increased competition for their services.”

As far as year-on-year growth goes the findings point towards a positive increase towards the workplace, job seeking, finances for SMEs and growth overall as far as the United Kingdom economy is concerned.

The YouGov and CEBR Consumer Confidence Index is currently 113.9 just under 1.7 points that was recorded in 2007. With this being the highest level recorded since that year, it is positively a report that is being welcomed by all.