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CQC Registration: A Simple Guide

Posted 03 Dec 18

The emotive draw of working in the social care sector can bring rewards like no other, and has meant that domiciliary care agency start-ups are more often than not very warmly welcomed to the market. If you’re a business-minded individual with an interest in making a real difference to the community, then you might just have thought about how to start a care agency. Read More »

Top tips for starting a care agency

Posted 03 Dec 18

Setting up a social enterprise, whether that be a domiciliary care agency or home care agency could be one of the most rewarding career moves you make. If you have a burning desire to make the world a better place and a keen eye for business then you might have been thinking about how to start a care agency. Read More »

Short Guide to filing the Confirmation Statement (CS01)

Posted 16 Jul 18

This is a short blog about the annual Confirmation Statement that you will have to file if you operate as a limited company to Companies House. Read More »

Theresa May Faces Backlash for Brexit Amendments

Posted 15 Dec 17

Tory objectors push for the continuation of single market membership and a guaranteed vote on the final Brexit deal Read More »

Limited Companies and National Insurance contributions

Posted 10 Jul 17

Increasingly more people are operating under their Limited Companies when contracting services (work) to different organisations. Read More »

Do I Need to Inform HMRC that I Have Formed a New Limited Company?

Posted 11 Sep 16

As a company owner you will need to be aware of the existence of two government bodies: HMRC and Companies House. Both of them fulfil different functions and towards each you will have a number of responsibilities. Read More »

What the cut in interest rates mean to small businesses?

Posted 02 Sep 16

The Bank of England has recently changed its rates, however, rather than increasing them as many people had been expecting, interest rates have reached a record low at 0.25%. One of the major reasons for this change is June’s referendum to vote for Britain to leave the EU, which resulted in understandable loss of economic confidence. Read More »

Auto-Enrolment : Common Questions

Posted 24 Aug 16

Every year many small business owners are filing their auto-enrolment for the very first time. Although it is a task we all do, still many questions arise just as the deadline fast approaching. As a company director you need to ensure that all your paperwork is organised and delivered to the right address at the right time. Read More »